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Passionately focussed on Transforming Students, Olivia bridges the gap between the stakeholders within the Education sector. Let's Know More, and Do Better!

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Our Services

Please see below what we currently have on offer and contact us for more information. We welcome all enquiries and look forward to working with you.

Keynotes and Guest Talks

Are you hosting an event that needs a dynamic speaker, who will transform the lives of attendees? Olivia shares her rollercoaster journey with others, so that they are inspired to propel themselves forward.

Coaching and Mentoring

Do you know a student who requires some support, at pivotal moments during the academic year? Olivia connects with the young person on their level, to get them back on track to achieve their goals.

Online GCSE Maths Courses

Would you like to better apply the theory and gain more marks in Maths exams? Olivia explains each step of different practice exam-style and past paper questions to make it click for you.


Do you want a series of workshops for your students, to address current concerns? Olivia delivers tailored interactive sessions which take students on a journey of self-evolution.

Video Marketing

Have you considered 21st Century strategies to capture your current and prospective stakeholders' attention? Olivia has the know-how to stimulate more interest about your organisation and/or brand.

Interactive Workshops

Do you have a group of young people who want to proactively level up? Olivia helps others to build confidence, establish strategic study skills or raise their aspirations through easy-to-grasp tools.

Private Virtual Tutoring

Are you looking for tutoring in Maths, English, Spanish or Business Studies? Olivia offers a range of packages for regular sessions via digital platforms, to boost content understanding and exam preparation.

Online Study Skills Courses

Do you need to know HOW TO make an effective study plan, reduce stress or write a sound essay? Olivia keeps it simple but impactful, so that you can implement strategies right away!

Educational Training

Are you an educator who wants to improve your engagement with students? Olivia has the knowledge and experience of Generation Alpha and Gen Z to enable you to understand the student mind.

Transforming Students

Do you know a student who wants to be move further forward within and beyond the school gates? Olivia and her network of young people inspire, challenge and empower the latest generations of students.

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