The UK’s No.1 Maths Coach | Director of Transforming Students Ltd |

Creative Lead at Onevma Limited

Holding a degree in International Business and Spanish, and interacting with nearly 4200 students since the start of 2018, Olivia D Hinds is a dynamic and fully engaging transformational speaker, personal tutor, entrepreneur, and trainer of other coaches. Working with educationalists and students of all ages, Olivia is able to use her effervescent personality, and extensive expertise and skills, to drive a creative shift in the teaching and learning experience.

By encouraging those involved in education to reconnect, become strategic thinkers and propel themselves forward, Olivia shows how collaborative efforts and having a growth mind-set are fundamental for change. Supporting and tutoring students for more than half a decade (whilst being a student herself), Olivia continues to ‘pull up as she rises’.

Although Olivia was privately educated from the age of three, her life was not ‘privileged’ not least as her parents divorced when she was just 5 years old and she found herself having to juggle her education between two homes. However, irrespective of Olivia’s home life, this did not hinder her determination for academic excellence, as she successfully secured a place at a high-achieving grammar school; with a strong national reputation.

Olivia excelled in her academic studies, whilst developing softer skills and leadership practices through activities outside of the standard curriculum offer. It was immediately following her A Levels that Olivia began to think of ways to guide students towards what they wanted to do, rather than what others believed they should do – Her own journey became an example to others, of how one can navigate the educational landscape, and pursue a vision beyond the school gates.

To date, Olivia has lived in México City for 12 months, regularly contributes on BBC Radio WM, and she has spoken to global audiences online ie Canada, USA, Australia and across the UK. In June 2017, Olivia was invited to speak to educators in the UK at an international Connecting Teachers conference, exposing them to the student mind. This further sparked more training for educators in 2018, and graduate mentors/coaches, on how better to understand and connect with the current generations in their classrooms, and stimulating more effective communication across the board.

Following a six-month intensive and accredited Corporate Governance course, in October 2017, Olivia was appointed as the Chair of the strategic body of a local primary academy, becoming one of the youngest governors in the country! Then in March 2018, Olivia secured a position as Vice Chair (Trust Governor) at a secondary school which is part of a Multi-Academy Trust, to further expand her involvement and influence in education, adding value to the conversations that take place at the table to enrich the lives of the students it serves.

Since then, Olivia has incorporated two new companies - Transforming Students Ltd, and is the Co-Director and Creative Lead of Onevma Limited which specialises in Online Event Management by design, including media and digital production such as coordinating webinars for national and global reach, and professional promo videos for clients across several sectors and industries.

With her vast experience, and receiving positive feedback from parents, students, and other professionals, Olivia has become the UK’s No.1 Maths Coach. Likewise, through designing and delivering bespoke talks, workshops and projects for schools, colleges, universities and other organisations, on various subject matters such as Life Beyond the School Gates, Mapping Out Your Next Steps, Strategic Study Skills, Let’s Evaluate and Feedforward, Who Am I, and many more, Olivia raises aspirations, develops self-awareness, builds confidence and re-energises a drive for success.

By inspiring, challenging and empowering young people, together we can awaken, guide, and transform the lives of the next generation – Create Vision, Set Goals and Take Action.