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As the 'Creative-Analytic' and Digital Content Creator, Olivia D Hinds sits comfortably in the Generation Alpha online world, specialising in video production and brand management on progressive social media platforms. Becoming a private tutor, and working with 1000s of young people across the country, Olivia is the UK’s No.1 Maths Coach. Olivia is able to retain her connection to the beating pulse of education (the students) and guide the strategic landscape through her role as a Governor in two academies. As a dynamic and empowering speaker, Olivia is able to use her life challenges and successes to inspire and motivate individuals to take massive action. Let's Understand More, and Do Better!

Olivia D Hinds is a Self-Education Enthusiast and the UK's No.1 Maths Coach. Specialising in Maths, English, Spanish and Business Studies, Olivia hold a 93% pass rate for 15-16 year olds (as of Results Day 2020) through her tutoring and coaching engagement, as she connects with students on their level and stimulates exam success with high impact delivery. Having connected with 1000s of students and educators and nearly a decade worth of experience, Olivia is a Study Skills Expert. Through training and delivering interactive workshops, Olivia empowers young people aged 13-25 and those who educate them.

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