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"I am inspired to challenge myself, so that I can empower others to transform themselves." - Olivia D Hinds [@OliviaD_1]

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It's time for young people to realise and reach their full potential. Available worldwide, with bespoke video delivery or live talks and workshops. For more details on what we offer, please visit here


Available worldwide, via virtual platforms such as FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp, and will deliver the content with impact. For more details on the packages that we offer, please visit here

Holding a degree in International Business and Spanish, Olivia D Hinds is a dynamic and fully engaging transformational speaker, personal tutor, and trainer of other coaches. Working with educationalists and students of all ages, Olivia is able to use her effervescent personality, and extensive expertise and skills, to drive a creative shift in the teaching and learning experience.

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“Thank you for 3 amazing workshops - ​​​​The students and parents were buzzing after your session! I think hearing from someone young like yourself, from a similar background, who is successful, really inspired our students. A lot of what you covered in the workshop really resonated with both students and parents. Your enthusiasm and sincerity was something we don't always witness from outside speakers. You really connected with our students!

Zara  /  Teacher

"My RESPECT for others is a direct reflection of my RESPECT for self!" - Olivia D Hinds [ @OliviaD_1]

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"Olivia has been wonderful in supporting my daughter in her Maths. Her enthusiasm for teaching and her bright personality helps to ensure that an hour and a half of Maths passes fairly easily.

My daughter is definitely more relaxed in attempting difficult Maths homework and has done better than she expected in her mock GCSEs."

Tracy O  

/  Parent


"Olivia was an enthusiastic and lovely tutor. She really helped me with my Conversational Spanish by giving constructive criticism and providing me with alternative vocabulary. She even provided resources outside of the lesson in order to help me, which was extremely kind.

Olivia showed that she's willing to do much more than the bare minimum."

Manvir D  

/  Student


"Olivia is an inspirational and engaging speaker - confident and able to enthuse and encourage others to achieve their best.

I shared the platform with her at a recent 6th Form Conference. Her 'Mexico Insights', in particular, showed how tackling challenges positively can result in a real, personal transformation."

Alex P

/  Associate

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